2.4G Wireless Intercom Doorbell
2.4G Wireless Intercom Doorbell

2.4G Wireless Intercom Doorbell

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This device comply with rulers and regulations related to FCC, CE, CCC。 Outdoor-bell is power supplied by 4pcs alkaline battery, easy to replace the battery, indoor-bell is power supplied by rechargeable Li-ion battery. Pair method is easy as follows. Turn indoor-bell on and hold Answer Button for about 5 seconds, then release this button, LED flash quickly, now, click the Ring Button on the outdoor-bell. When LED on theindoor-bell go out, it means they pair successfully.
- Color: Silver.
- Material: Mainly Plastic.
- Size: Approx. 6 * 10 * 6cm/ 2.4 * 4 * 2.4 inch (L*W*H).
- Low power consumption, long standby time for outdoor-bell up to six months.
 - Big and adjustable speaker, clear voice, can be used as mobile speakerrphone.
- Long wireless distance up to 300M.
- Easily installed with 3M tape on the wall.
- Outdoor-bell pair with indoor-bell by learning its code, 1 outdoor-bell can paired with N indoor-bells and no interference each other. 
- Working voltage: 4*alkaline battery (1.5V*4) (Outdoor-bell); Rechargeable Li-ion battery(Indoor-bell).
- Working temperature:  -20 ~55 degree(Outdoor-bell);  -20 ~55 degree(Indoor-bell).
- Wireless distance:  300M(w/o any obstacle)  50-100M(w/ obstacle
- Wireless Frequency: 467.6375M Hz
- Working time: Six months(Outdoor-bell); 48 hours(Indoor-bell).

Installation Instructions:
- Outdoor-bell: 1. Remove the battery cover; 2. Insert 4pcs alkaline battery; 3. Close the battery cover; 4. Press the Ring Button, LED around the Ring Button light on, it means the device is installed ok; 5. Screw up the device.
- Indoor-bell: 1. Slide powerswitch to ON; 2. Press the Answer Button, device sound du du… it means device is installed ok.